I wasn’t sleeping well and had trouble standing and stooping for long periods of time. I have been dealing with a sciatica problem for well over a year. I had seen one chiropractor but I wasn’t feeling the relief that I should have.

After talking with several people about local chiropractors, Dr. Val’s name kept getting repeated, so I called.

He took X-rays and performed an SMEG on me. We sat and talked about what was wrong and how to go about correcting the situation. It was good to know I didn’t have any pinched nerves, just some twisted muscles and a little misalignment. I started sessions three times a week for a couple of months. I was sleeping better!

I’m down to two times a week and I’m back into gardening, which I avoided. I will be in maintenance soon and I look forward to going in for adjustments.

Dr. Val explains what he’s doing and why he does it, something most medical doctors don’t.

I wasn’t seriously hurt, but not acting on what was “bothering” me could have led to ill health in the future. I want to have a healthy retirement and working with Dr. Val will help me achieve my future goals! – Jan S.

My first visit to Actus Chiropractic was in May 2000. I had injured my spine unloading luggage while on a golf vacation. At that time I could hardly straighten my lower back. I thought I wouldn’t be able to play golf for months. I was back after three weeks, free of pain.

I play golf an average of three days a week. My game has improved due to increased flexibility. At age 67 I now enjoy retirement and physical activities that I’m involved in. I always feel welcome as a patient. Thank you for correcting my subluxations and fixing my golf game! – Dave G.

One of my first employers in the workforce was Dr. Charles Ward, a Palmer graduate of chiropractic school. Working for Dr. Ward had many benefits, and one major one was free adjustments on a regular basis. Prior to working with Dr. Ward, I had been hospitalized for a serious kidney infection and discovered that I have three kidneys. Needless to say, when I felt the pain of a kidney infection coming on, I immediately asked for time off to go see “my doctor.” I was told OK only if I would allow many adjustments up to the day of my appointment, and if I felt better I would cancel it. I said sure, what did I have to lose? Not only did I cancel my appointment, but I have never had another kidney infection to this day!

The second major, major benefit was meeting my husband. This February we celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary. Now with the help and warm encouragement from the team at Actus Chiropractic, I am working on another 26 years of wonderful health with my husband, who also enjoys his adjustments with Dr. Val. Thanks for all the concern and warmth shown. -Danna W.

I was first introduced to chiropractic in my sophomore year in high school. My brother, 18 months my younger, had back and leg problems due to a severe curvature of the spine. He began chiropractic care and the rate of the progression of the curvature slowed but was still increasing. My parents opted to have Herrington Rods placed up and down his spine to straighten him out. After his surgery, when he went to walk for the first time, he ended up standing bent over to his left. The medical doctors had used too short rods, thus causing his curve to shift outside of where his spine was bound. After a second surgery to correct the first, it took months for him to recover. It was at this time my parents decided to have me checked by a chiropractor. I also had a curvature of the spine.

I began seeing my chiropractor in the middle of my sophomore year. I went at least three times a month for several months. I was performing better in school and sports, which I love. During this time I took notice of chiropractic as a profession. I saw my chiropractor having fun every day, turning the power on, changing people’s lives. I knew then, this is what I wanted to do.

After one year of care, I noticed other big changes in my life. For the first time, I had not been sick during that year. I had stopped using all medications to get well. I also found I had increased awareness and energy. I was functioning optimally.

I have continued my own chiropractic care religiously since that time. I get checked once a week or more. I still have a curvature in my spine, but it hasn’t gotten worse. My spine and nerve system have been kept in good health, and I know that allows me to function at a level of health above and beyond what would have been possible otherwise. So today I am here, following my dream of being a chiropractor, removing interference from the world one spine at a time. – Dr. Val H. Tompkins, D.C.

I had been suffering almost 10 years from increasing pain all over my body. Two years ago I was so burned out and hurting, I thought the only recourse was traction or hospitalization. I could barely walk, I was afraid of falling, and I had no energy. I was severely depressed. I knew something was wrong but my M.D. just said I had a mental problem but I was healthy. He wanted me to do his drugs. I took Xanax for a while, but it didn’t do anything for me.

I had had a chiropractor in the 1970s who was fabulous, but he passed away. I had my doubts when I met Dr. Val, but after two weeks, those vanished. For the first time I could sit without pain. I could walk in a straight line. I could stand up. I listened to Dr. Val talk about living optimally, and decided to try his wellness lifestyle approach: holistic nutrition, moderate exercise, positive mental attitude (I’m still working on that!), detox once a year, regular adjustments, and better sleep.

I am no longer the person who crawled into Dr. Val’s office eight years ago. My life has been transformed. I have returned to athletics – swimming and rock climbing. My energy is fantastic. All signs of fibromyalgia, arthritis, chondromylacia, depression, and chronic fatigue have vanished. Menopause has been a challenge but I have made it through without drugs. My body is healthier now in my 50s than it has ever been; I feel young again. I know that Dr. Val has done everything above and beyond what Western medicine could (and didn’t) do for me: He taught me to trust the innate wisdom of the body to heal, when we remove interference at every level. Chiropractic works — and Dr. Val is living proof. – Beth W.